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Women's Rugby

BYU claims Spring 2020 PDRC D1 conference championship

BYU claims Spring 2020 PDRC D1 conference championship

No. 8 Marion Morrow on attack for the Cougars vs Arizona March 7, 2020
No. 8 Marion Morrow on attack for the Cougars vs Arizona on March 7, 2020

Saturday March 7, 2020 - 5:41pm MT - Women's Rugby Games Reviews

St. George, UT — In a doubleheader on Saturday, the BYU women’s rugby team traveled to St. George to take on Arizona University and the University
of Arizona. 

The Cougars began the game pushing the ball wide to spread out Arizona’s defense. Centers, Alisa Baker, and Rachel Stasdas demonstrated
speed and agility which was no match for the Wildcat’s defensive line. Tiana Tolman finished multiple offensive drives for the Cougars and scored the first try of the match in the 8th minute. 

The BYU forwards also gained ground to create space for the backs to run. The Cougars continued to roll offensively with scores in the first-half by Hannah Beagley, Alisa Baker, Rachel Strasdas, Baylie Duce, Emily Briggs, and Emma Bennion. The Cougars finished the half leading 48-0.

In the second half, BYU picked up where they left off with a powerful drive and try by Marion Morrow. Alisa Baker also got on the scoreboard twice in the second half as the leading scorer of the Pacific Desert Rugby Conference. Arizona kept battling, but kicks from full-back Kainoa tested the U of A’s back three.

BYU finished the game with a decisive 91-0 win. This victory meant the Cougars took the Pacific Desert Rugby Conference D1 Championship.

Fullback Tiana Tolman scores for the Cougars against Arizona March 7, 2020
Fullback #15 Tiana Tolman scores for the Cougars against Arizona on March 7, 2020

Scoring Summary -

Tries- Tolman (8’,18’,41’), Beagley (14’), Strasdas (21’), Duce (28’), Bennion (30’), Briggs (31’), Baker (39’,63’,70’), Morrow (45’), Tripple (50’), Garza (67’), Proffit (74’)
Conversions-  Baker (15’, 29’), Tolman (22’), Bennion (34’,42’), Lyons (68’,71’,75’)

Halftime Score - BYU 48, U of A 0

Final Score - BYU- 91, U of A- 63

BYU team vs U of A - Emily Briggs 2. Kate Rugg 3. Hannah Beagley  4. Meagan Proffit 5. Marin Spears 6. Riho Kurihara 7. Kylie Clark 8. Marion Morrow 9. Emma
Bennion 10. Matalasi Morrissette 11. Baylie Duce 12. Alisa Baker 13. Rachel Strasdas 14. Tiana Tolman 15. Kainoawalanuhea Ah Quin 16. Christina Miller 17. Nicole Lyons 18. Tayzlie Tripple 19. Grace Christensen 20. Delene Beavers 21. Salome Finau 22. Cierrah Garza 23. Pamela Patton 

BYU’s second game of the day was against Arizona State University. The Cougars took this game as an opportunity to start a completely different lineup with newer players. Experienced players such as Morrissette and Strasdas kept the Cougar’s offense consistent. 

Scores came from both BYU forwards and back such as Rachel Strasdas, Kayla Cooper, Madison Wright, Cierrah Garza, Morgan Spangler, BreAnn Duce, and Kendelle Cragun.

A late injury, caused Arizona to forfeit the rest of the game with 15 minutes left in the second half. BYU took the win 63-0. Overall, Cougars finished their season 7-0, holding every opponent scoreless. The Cougars also remain the defending USA Rugby Spring W D1 Champions.  

Scoring Summary - 

Tries- Strasdas (8’, 11’), Cooper (17’), Wright (26’), Garza (29’, 31’), Spangler (34’), Duce (37’), Cragun (41’), Morrissette (46’), Higgins (54’)

Conversions-  Morrissette (9’), Hood (30’), Kirkendall (32’), Bennion (55’)

Halftime Score - BYU 46, ASU 0

Final Score - BYU 63,  ASU 0

BYU team vs ASU - Ashley SIka 2. Cierrah Garza 3. Aubrie Robinette 4. Mariann Higgins 5. Kayla Cooper 6. Madison Wright 7. Kylie Clark 8. Pamela Patton 9. Maya Hood 10. Matalasi Morrissette 11. Jody Messick 12. BreAnn Duce 13. Rachel Strasdas 14. Morgan Spangler 15. Mary Kirkendall 16. Abigail Chapdelaine 17. Emma Bennion 18. Kendelle Cragun 19. Erika Magaoay 20. Meagan Proffit 21. Grace Christensen 22. Salome Finau 23. Emily Briggs