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In the year 2000, the Women’s Cougar Rugby Club was introduced to Brigham Young University. In that short time, the club has grown in experience, numbers, and reputation.

In this past two decades (2000 - 2020), we have fought to the top seat in our state of Utah, and we are highly ranked in the Nation.

BYU Women's Rugby became an official Extramural Sport on Thursday, October 8, 2015. The camaraderie of this team offers a great support system for its players physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Hopefully our new association will allow more BYU girls the opportunity to become part of this growing sport.

“Women’s rugby at BYU began in February 2000, when Julia Hobbs, 19, a sophomore from Norman, OK, put up fliers on campus, asking girls interested in playing to call her.”

“Over 100 girls called,” Hobbs said. Many have since dropped out or gone home for the summer — only 12 girls remain.” By Emily Bell – NewsNet Staff Writer – 31 May 2000.

Women’s Cougars rugby tradition lived on; from those 12 dedicated girls, to a highly ranked team in the Nation today. With an average roster of about 40 girls, sometimes more, every Winter/Spring and Fall semester, and a dedicated coaching staff, it is highly unlikely that the sacrifice made by the founders of women’s rugby at BYU will ever fade away. This is indeed a living legacy.