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Wednesday Callbacks

Hi Everyone,

Thank you to all that participated in our tryouts this morning. You each played very well and we are excited by the level of ability seen so far this year.

Congrats to Heather Merrill and Rachel Hyland for making the team!

Below is the list of men and women we would like to see back on Wednesday. Congratulations and see you Wednesday!


  • Ethan Jones
  • Noble Smith
  • William Graham
  • Daniel Sabey
  • Cade Hyde
  • Alex Nickell
  • Matt Sabey
  • Zak Kjar
  • Gideon Zent
  • Nathan Ashworth
  • Tyler Harting
  • Clark A
  • Joseph Slaughter
  • Stockton Black
  • Tom Naylor
  • Reeves Westover


  • Kim Heiner
  • Kylie Abbott
  • Stephanie Cook
  • Amber Denkers
  • Haylee Bingham
  • Natalie Smith
  • Beth Morrell
  • Nikki Thompson
  • Chayanne Reeves
  • Amelia Summerhays