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Men's Soccer


BYU Men’s Soccer dominated the opposition in regional play during the tournament that took place from October 25 to October 26, outscoring four opponents 31-1 over the course of 360 minutes of play. Capping off a third consecutive undefeated season, BYU traveled to Tri-Cities, Washington on a redemption mission.

The scores, according to head coach Brandon Gilliam, did not tell the entire story. “While we were the best team, well organized and prepared with our depth, we put in the performance to create such lopsided results.” Coach Gilliam’s analysis closely mirrors the sentiment that has echoed throughout BYU the locker room since the start of the season—BYU is its only obstacle to winning back its Nationals title.

In a one-on-one interview, co-captain Christian Bain stated his satisfaction with the results but practiced caution ahead of the team’s trip to Nationals. “The boys were organized and relentless; we scored goal after goal and I guess the only disappointment is that we didn’t get four out of four clean sheets.”

He went on to say that the team’s biggest priority is maintaining focus and top-notch motivation ahead of the most crucial span of the season. Bain also added his satisfaction with the backline, particularly the leadership of Adam Canfield and Andrew Dossett: “Their distribution is going to be critical in making sure we maximize our space on the field.”

The next step in reclaiming the Nationals title is just around the corner. Stay up-to-date with the Cougars’ results on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.