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Men's Rugby


Nov 8, 2019


The BYU Cougars faced neighboring UVU Wolverines in an exciting match up on Helaman Field. This BYU vs UVU contest, formerly known as the “Cross-town Rivalry” took on a more honorable title as the Cougars and Wolverines decided to re-name their annual match-up as the “Verla Smyth Challenge Cup”. This is in the highest honor and regard for Mrs. Verla Smyth who passed away on November 1, 2019, and is the wife of 30-year BYU men’s head coach David Smyth. After an extensive and successful coaching career at BYU, Coach David Smyth then moved his coaching talents to UVU for one year before heading to SVU to lead the rugby program there. Verla remained loyal and ever-so supportive of rugby. Her lasting impact and impression on the rugby programs and community at BYU will be indefinite. Each year that the BYU Cougars and UVU Wolverines match-up, they will compete to house the “Verla Smyth Challenge Cup” for that year.


The Cougars took an early lead in the first 2 minutes of play with a try from a resilient maul. After back and forth possession between BYU and UVU, Cougar scrum half Dylan Parry scored a try in the 11th minute of play. After some resistance from UVU defense, wing Sam Roberts broke away down the sideline to score a try in the 20th minute of play.

UVU found kicking space behind BYU’s defense, resulting in a try.

Both the backs and forwards were forces to be reckoned with as they drove consistent tries for the remainder of the half. The score at halftime resulted in 38 – 5 favoring the Cougars.

For the remainder of the match BYU kept driving the ball down the field, maintaining dominance and possession.

The Cougars claimed the victory and will be taking home the “Verla Smyth Challenge Cup” as they defeat the Wolverines with a final score of 85 – 5

View the entire game here:

BYU Scoring Summary 

Tries – Team maul (2’), D. Parry (11’, 28’), Roberts (20’, 41’, 43’), Pape (37’, 50’), Kanongataa (54’), Wilcox (58’), C. Parry (61’, 69’), Meier (65’)

Conversions - Bigelow (12’, 21’,29’, 38’, 44’, 55’, 58’, 62’, 70’)

Halftime Score - BYU 38, UVU 5

Final Score - BYU 85, UVU 5

BYU Starting Line up

1. Mckay Johnson 2. Ethan Johnson 3. David Nonu 4. Joshua Harden 5. James Mocke 6. Carter Beck 7. Tosh Wilcox 8. Braden Pape 9. Dylan Parry 10. Ezias Bigelow 11. Coleman Meier 12. Seen Tarawhiti 13. Jacob Mckay 14. Sam Roberts 15. Connor Parry