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Men's Rugby


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COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - On Saturday, Oct. 12th, BYU traveled to Colorado Springs to play Air Force Academy. Last Fall when BYU hosted Air Force in the semi-finals of the Rocky Mountain Conference they won 110-0. This year they once again came away with the victory.

To start the game, the Cougars kicked off to AF. BYU’s immediate defensive pressure forced AF to clear the ball. Tosh Wilcox broke the AF defensive line early which set up number 11, Sam Roberts, to score in the 3rd minute.  Braden Pape demonstrated pure tenacity when he stripped an AF forward and took the ball all the way to the one-meter line which allowed scrum-half, Dylan Parry, to score. Bigelow’s conversion was good which put the Cougars up 12-0.

The BYU backs continued to move the ball easily across the field and the AF defensive line could not keep up. The BYU backline was relentless and center, Jacob Mckay, scored in the 19th. 

The BYU forwards got in on the action with some defensive pressure led by Tosh Wilcox who stole the AF lineout. After BYU gained possession, Meier made a great run and offloaded to Connor Parry for his second try of the match. 

Shortly after, BYU had a lineout close to the 5 meter-line which set up number 4, Josh Harden, for the try. BYU found gaps in the Airforce defensive line and BYU forward Braden Pape scored in the 34th minute. Bigelow made the conversion putting the Cougars up 41-0. AF took advantage of a BYU penalty in the 41st and their fly-half number 10 beat several BYU defenders to score. 

Half time score 41-7

Pape ignited the Cougars in the second half when he scored after he picked the ball off a ruck. BYU continued to dominate offensively throughout the second half. The Cougars won the AF scrum and scored in the 54th minute with unselfish passing between backs which set up Coleman Meier for the try. 

Connor Parry scored five minutes later after some passing action between wing Roberts. Roberts was a threat both offensively and defensively and he intercepted an AF pass and ran it down the sideline for a try. 

BYU’s final blow occurred in the 76th minute when Jacob Littlefield scored after a pass from Webber. BYU number 22, Enzo Martinez, was good for his second conversion of the match. The final score was 81-7 after 13 BYU tries and 8 conversions. The Cougars are currently 3-0. 

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Go Cougars!


Scoring Summary -

Tries - Parry, C (11', 24', 61’), D. Parry (7'), Mckay (19’), Harden (30’), Pape (34’, 45’), Roberts (3’, 47’, 64’), Meier (54’),  Littlefield (76’), AF number 10 (42’)

Conversions - Bigelow (8’, 12’, 35’, 46’, 48’, 56’’)  Martinez (65’, 77’)

Halftime Score - BYU 41, AF 7

Final Score - BYU 81, CU 7

BYU team vs Airforce    -

1. Mckay Johnson, 2. Kacey Joyner, 3. David Nonu, 4. Josh Harden, 5. James Mocke, 6. Seen Tarawhiti, 7. Tosh Wilcox-C, 8. Braden Pape, 9. Dylan Parry, 10. Ezias Bigelow, 11. Coleman Meier, 12. Lono Kanongata’a, 13. Jacob Mckay, 14. Sam Roberts 15. Connor Parry 16. Ethan Johnson, 17. Alex King, 18. Adam King, 19. Carter Beck, 20. Jacob Littlefield, 21. Alma Schoenfeld, 22. Enzo Martinez, 23. Ben Webber