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Men's Rugby


Sat, 10/26/2019 - 5:05pm

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PROVO, UT - On Friday, Oct. 18th, BYU took on the Utah State Aggies under the lights of Helaman field. In a landslide victory, the Cougars demonstrated a highly physical and explosive level of play that was unmatched by the Aggies. 

In the first minute, Braden Pape picked up the ball from the scrum and set up number 9, Dylan Parry, for a try. Later, forward, Ethan Johnson, took the ball in to score off a maul at the three-meter line. The Cougars were up 12-0, just minutes into the first half. Wing number 14, Sam Roberts, scored soon after Johnson. Dylan Parry attacked the open space and managed to score three tries within the first 15 minutes of the match. 

BYU continued to find gaps in the USU defensive line. Number 2, Ethan Johnson,  scored a total of four tries in the first 35 minutes and Bigelow made 11 conversions in the first half. BYU showcased a team effort and Tarawhiti took the ball in for the final try of the half which put the Cougars up 87-0. 

Half time score 87-0

BYU started the second half with just as much energy as the first. Center, Jacob McKay, scored within the first minute of the half. Minutes later, number 5, Alex King, found the try zone after a great run by number 19 Jacob Littlefield. 

The BYU backs were dynamic and continued to gain meters on every run. Braden Pape turned on the wheels and split past the USU line scoring towards the end of the half.  Overall, Connor Parry made a total of 10 conversions in the second half. At the end of the match, 12 BYU players were able to score 25 tries. The Cougars played a perfect defensive game shutting out the Aggies, 167-0. 


The Cougars are undefeated and are preparing to take on Wyoming at home on Saturday, October 26th. 

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Go Cougars!


Scoring Summary -

Tries - Parry, D (1’, 13’, 14’,), Johnson (3’, 21’, 27’, 35’), Roberts (7’),  Mckay (18’, 41’, 64’), Kanongata’a (25’), Parry, C (31’, 60’, 77’), Wilcox (37’), Tarawhiti (40’), King (46’, 52’), Meier (50’, 58’, 69’), Pape (55’, 75’) Joyner (72’)

Conversions - Bigelow (2’, 8’, 14’, 15’, 19’, 25’, 28’, 32’, 36’, 39’, 41’, )  Parry, C (42’, 50’, 53’, 56’, 62’, 65’, 71’, 74’, 76’, 79’)

Halftime Score - BYU 87, USU 0

Final Score - BYU 167, USU 0

BYU team vs USU    -

1. Mckay Johnson, 2. Ethan Johnson, 3. David Nonu, 4. Josh Harden, 5. Alex King, 6. Seen Tarawhiti, 7. Tosh Wilcox-C, 8. Braden Pape, 9. Dylan Parry, 10. Ezias Bigelow, 11. Coleman Meier, 12. Lono Kanongata’a, 13. Jacob Mckay, 14. Sam Roberts 15. Connor Parry 16. Kacey Joyner, 17. Adam King, 18. Brandon Richmond, 19. Jacob Littlefield, 20. Carter Beck, 21. Enzo Martinez, 22. Ben Webber, 23. Alma Schoenfeld